sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor Class Reference

#include <sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.h>

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Public Member Functions

sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor (sbFileMetadataService *aManager)
virtual ~sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor ()
nsresult Start ()
nsresult Stop ()

Protected Attributes

nsRefPtr< sbFileMetadataServicemJobManager
nsTArray< nsRefPtr
< sbMetadataJobItem > > 
nsCOMPtr< nsITimer > mTimer
PRBool mRunning

Detailed Description

Used by sbFileMetadataService to process sbMetadataJobItem handlers on the main thread thread. Runs multiple handlers at once (if async) and polls them for completion.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor ( sbFileMetadataService aManager)

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sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::~sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor ( )

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Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::Start ( )

Make sure that the timer is running. Note that this method should be called any time a new job is added, since the timer will shut down if it runs out of things to do.

Definition at line 85 of file sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.cpp.

nsresult sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::Stop ( )

Shut down the timer. Must be called from the main thread.

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Member Data Documentation

nsTArray<nsRefPtr<sbMetadataJobItem> > sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::mCurrentJobItems

Definition at line 85 of file sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.h.

nsRefPtr<sbFileMetadataService> sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::mJobManager

Definition at line 81 of file sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.h.

PRBool sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::mRunning

Definition at line 91 of file sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.h.

nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor::mTimer

Definition at line 88 of file sbMainThreadMetadataProcessor.h.

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