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Public Member Functions

void sanitize (in nsIDOMWindow aParentWindow)
void ensurePlacesDefaultQueriesInitialized ()
nsIDOMWindow getMostRecentBrowserWindow ()

Detailed Description

nsIBrowserGlue is a dirty and rather fluid interface to host shared utility methods used by browser UI code, but which are not local to a browser window. The component implementing this interface is meant to be a singleton (service) and should progressively replace some of the shared "glue" code scattered in browser/base/content (e.g. bits of utilOverlay.js, contentAreaUtils.js, globalOverlay.js, browser.js), avoiding dynamic inclusion and initialization of a ton of JS code for each window. Dued to its nature and origin, this interface won't probably be the most elegant or stable in the mozilla codebase, but its aim is rather pragmatic: 1) reducing the performance overhead which affects browser window load; 2) allow global hooks (e.g. startup and shutdown observers) which survive browser windows to accomplish browser-related activities, such as shutdown sanitization (see bug #284086)

Definition at line 61 of file nsIBrowserGlue.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void nsIBrowserGlue::ensurePlacesDefaultQueriesInitialized ( )

Add Smart Bookmarks special queries to bookmarks menu and toolbar folder.

nsIDOMWindow nsIBrowserGlue::getMostRecentBrowserWindow ( )

Gets the most recent window that's a browser (but not a popup)

void nsIBrowserGlue::sanitize ( in nsIDOMWindow  aParentWindow)

Deletes privacy sensitive data according to user preferences

aParentWindowan optionally null window which is the parent of the sanitization dialog

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