sbiTunesDatabaseServices Class Reference

#include <sbiTunesDatabaseServices.h>

Public Member Functions

 sbiTunesDatabaseServices ()
 ~sbiTunesDatabaseServices ()
nsresult Initialize ()
nsresult MapID (nsAString const &aiTunesLibID, nsAString const &aiTunesID, nsAString const &aSongbirdID)
nsresult GetSBIDFromITID (nsAString const &aiTunesLibID, nsAString const &aiiTunesID, nsAString &aSongbirdID)
nsresult RemoveSBIDEntry (nsAString const &aSongbirdID)

Detailed Description

This class manages the ID mappings of the iTunes import table in the database

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbiTunesDatabaseServices::sbiTunesDatabaseServices ( )

Initializes flags

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sbiTunesDatabaseServices::~sbiTunesDatabaseServices ( )

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Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbiTunesDatabaseServices::GetSBIDFromITID ( nsAString const &  aiTunesLibID,
nsAString const &  aiiTunesID,
nsAString &  aSongbirdID 

Returns the Songbird ID given an iTunes ID

aiTunesLibIDthe library ID of the iTunes item
aiTunesIDthe ID of the iTunes item
aSongbirdIDThe returned Songbird ID/GUID

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nsresult sbiTunesDatabaseServices::Initialize ( )

Performs initialization, such as creating the query objects

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nsresult sbiTunesDatabaseServices::MapID ( nsAString const &  aiTunesLibID,
nsAString const &  aiTunesID,
nsAString const &  aSongbirdID 

Map and iTunes ID to a Songbird ID

aiTunesLibIDthe library ID of the iTunes item
aiTunesIDthe ID of the iTunes item
aSongbirdIDthe songbird ID/guid

Definition at line 94 of file sbiTunesDatabaseServices.cpp.

nsresult sbiTunesDatabaseServices::RemoveSBIDEntry ( nsAString const &  aSongbirdID)

Returns a given ID mapping based on the Songbird ID

aSongbirdIDthe Songbird ID of the mapping to be removed

Definition at line 147 of file sbiTunesDatabaseServices.cpp.

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