sbWindowWatcherEventListener Class Reference

#include <sbWindowWatcher.h>

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Public Member Functions

nsresult AddEventListener (const char *aEventName)
nsresult ClearEventListeners ()

Static Public Member Functions

New (sbWindowWatcherEventListener **aListener, sbWindowWatcher *aSBWindowWatcher, nsIDOMWindow *aWindow)

Detailed Description

This class handles window events for the Songbird window watcher.

Definition at line 243 of file sbWindowWatcher.h.

Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbWindowWatcherEventListener::AddEventListener ( const char *  aEventName)

Listen for the given event on the DOM window associated with this listener

Definition at line 1070 of file sbWindowWatcher.cpp.

nsresult sbWindowWatcherEventListener::ClearEventListeners ( )

Clear all event listeners

Clear all event listeners associated with this listener

Definition at line 1100 of file sbWindowWatcher.cpp.

nsresult sbWindowWatcherEventListener::New ( sbWindowWatcherEventListener **  aListener,
sbWindowWatcher aSBWindowWatcher,
nsIDOMWindow aWindow 

Create a new instance of a Songbird window watcher event listener and return it in aListener. The Songbird window watcher object is specified by aSBWindowWatcher and the window for which events are being listened is specified by aWindow.

aListenerSongbird window watcher event listener .
aSBWindowWatcherSongbird window watcher object.
aWindowWindow for which to listen for events.

Definition at line 1006 of file sbWindowWatcher.cpp.

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