sbTranscodeProfile Class Reference

#include <sbTranscodeProfile.h>

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Public Member Functions

sbTranscodeProfile ()
nsresult AddPriority (double aQuality, PRUint32 aPriority)
nsresult AddAudioBitrate (double aQuality, double aBitrate)
nsresult AddVideoBPP (double aQuality, double aBPP)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbITranscodeEncoderProfile
unsigned long getEncoderProfilePriority (in double aQuality)
COMMENT double getAudioBitrate (in double aQuality)
double getVideoBitsPerPixel (in double aQuality)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbITranscodeEncoderProfile
attribute AString containerFormat
 The container format to put the transcoded media in (if any). More...
attribute AString audioCodec
 The audio codec to use (if any). More...
attribute AString videoCodec
 The video codec to use (if any). More...
- Public Attributes inherited from sbITranscodeProfile
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_TYPE_UNKNOWN = 0
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_TYPE_AUDIO = 1
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_TYPE_IMAGE = 2
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_TYPE_AUDIO_VIDEO = 3
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_PRIORITY_LOWEST = 0
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_PRIORITY_LOW = 1000
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_PRIORITY_MEDIUM = 2000
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_PRIORITY_HIGH = 3000
const unsigned long TRANSCODE_PRIORITY_HIGHEST = 4000
attribute AString id
attribute unsigned long priority
attribute AString description
attribute unsigned long type
attribute ACString fileExtension
 The file extension to use for this profile May be empty to indicate no extension is to be used. More...
attribute AString containerFormat
attribute AString audioCodec
attribute AString videoCodec
attribute nsIArray audioProperties
attribute nsIArray videoProperties
attribute nsIArray containerProperties
attribute nsIArray containerAttributes
attribute nsIArray videoAttributes
attribute nsIArray audioAttributes

Detailed Description

Basic implementation of a transcoding profile

See Also
sbITranscodeProfile for more information

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Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbTranscodeProfile::AddAudioBitrate ( double  aQuality,
double  aBitrate 

add an audio bitrate point

Definition at line 328 of file sbTranscodeProfile.cpp.

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nsresult sbTranscodeProfile::AddPriority ( double  aQuality,
PRUint32  aPriority 

add a priority point

Definition at line 320 of file sbTranscodeProfile.cpp.

nsresult sbTranscodeProfile::AddVideoBPP ( double  aQuality,
double  aBPP 

add a video bits-per-pixel point

Definition at line 336 of file sbTranscodeProfile.cpp.

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