sbBaseIgnore Class Reference

#include <sbLibraryListenerHelpers.h>

Inheritance diagram for sbBaseIgnore:

Public Member Functions

nsresult SetIgnoreListener (PRBool aIgnoreListener)
nsresult IgnoreMediaItem (sbIMediaItem *aItem)
nsresult UnignoreMediaItem (sbIMediaItem *aItem)

Protected Member Functions

PRBool MediaItemIgnored (sbIMediaItem *aItem)
 sbBaseIgnore ()
 ~sbBaseIgnore ()

Detailed Description

This class provides the common ignore logic for listener helpers

Definition at line 48 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbBaseIgnore::sbBaseIgnore ( )

Initializes the lock and ignore listener count

Definition at line 72 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.h.

sbBaseIgnore::~sbBaseIgnore ( )

Destroys the lock and various other cleanup

Definition at line 80 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.h.

Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbBaseIgnore::IgnoreMediaItem ( sbIMediaItem aItem)

Sets an ignore for a given item. Returns PR_FALSE if the item is already being ignored

Definition at line 70 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.cpp.

PRBool sbBaseIgnore::MediaItemIgnored ( sbIMediaItem aItem)

Returns PR_TRUE if the item is currently being ignored

Definition at line 92 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.cpp.

nsresult sbBaseIgnore::SetIgnoreListener ( PRBool  aIgnoreListener)

Ignores all items. This obviously will supersede item specific ignores

Definition at line 60 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.cpp.

nsresult sbBaseIgnore::UnignoreMediaItem ( sbIMediaItem aItem)

Resumes listening for an item if it has been ignored

Definition at line 107 of file sbLibraryListenerHelpers.cpp.

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