DirtyPropertyEnumerator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DirtyPropertyEnumerator (sbLocalDatabasePropertyCache *aCache, sbLocalDatabaseResourcePropertyBag *aBag, sbIDatabaseQuery *aQuery, PRUint32 aMediaItemID, PRBool aIsLibrary)
nsresult Process (PRUint32 aDirtyPropertyKey)

Detailed Description

Used to enumerate dirty properties and build the property queries

Definition at line 946 of file sbLocalDatabasePropertyCache.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DirtyPropertyEnumerator::DirtyPropertyEnumerator ( sbLocalDatabasePropertyCache aCache,
sbLocalDatabaseResourcePropertyBag aBag,
sbIDatabaseQuery aQuery,
PRUint32  aMediaItemID,
PRBool  aIsLibrary 

Definition at line 949 of file sbLocalDatabasePropertyCache.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

nsresult DirtyPropertyEnumerator::Process ( PRUint32  aDirtyPropertyKey)

Definition at line 972 of file sbLocalDatabasePropertyCache.cpp.

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