sbWindowsFormatter Class Reference

#include <sbWindowsFormatter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 STDMETHOD_ (ULONG, Release)()
STDMETHOD() QueryInterface (REFIID aIID, void **aInterface)
STDMETHOD() Format (BSTR aVolumeName, unsigned long aType, BSTR aLabel, DWORD aUnitAllocationSize, long aForce, long aQuickFormat, long aEnableCompression)
virtual ~sbWindowsFormatter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static HRESULT New (sbWindowsFormatter **aWindowsFormatter)

Detailed Description

This class implements an sbIWindowsFormatter interface for formatting volumes.

Definition at line 70 of file sbWindowsFormatter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbWindowsFormatter::~sbWindowsFormatter ( )

Destroy an instance of a Songbird Windows formatter object.

Definition at line 245 of file sbWindowsFormatter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

STDMETHODIMP sbWindowsFormatter::Format ( BSTR  aVolumeName,
unsigned long  aType,
BSTR  aLabel,
DWORD  aUnitAllocationSize,
long  aForce,
long  aQuickFormat,
long  aEnableCompression 

Format the volume with the volume name specified by aVolumeName. The volume name is the volume GUID path without the trainling slash. The formatted file system type is specified by aType. The volume label is specified by aLabel. The file system unit allocation size is specified by aUnitAllocationSize; a value of 0 specifies that a default value should be used. If aForce is true, the file system is formatted even if the volume is in use. If aQuickFormat is true, a quick format is performed. If aEnableCompression is true, compression is enabled for NTFS file systems.

aVolumeNameName of volume to format.
aTypeType of file system to use.
aLabelVolume label.
aUnitAllocationSizeFile system unit allocation size.
aForceIf true, force format even if volume is in use.
aQuickFormatIf true, perform a quick format.
aEnableCompressionIf true, enable compression for NTFS file systems.

Definition at line 155 of file sbWindowsFormatter.cpp.

HRESULT sbWindowsFormatter::New ( sbWindowsFormatter **  aWindowsFormatter)

Create a new Songbird Windows formatter object and return it in aWindowsFormatter.

aWindowsFormatterReturned created Windows formatter object.

Definition at line 214 of file sbWindowsFormatter.cpp.

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STDMETHODIMP sbWindowsFormatter::QueryInterface ( REFIID  aIID,
void **  aInterface 

Return in aInterface an implementation of this object with the interface specified by aIID. If this object does not support the specified interface, return E_NOINTERFACE.

aIIDRequested interface.
aInterfaceReturned interface object.
E_NOINTERFACE Requested interface is not supported.

Definition at line 102 of file sbWindowsFormatter.cpp.

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sbWindowsFormatter::STDMETHOD_ ( ULONG  ,
sbWindowsFormatter::STDMETHOD_ ( ULONG  ,

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