sbLibraryLoaderInfo Class Reference

#include <sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.h>

Public Member Functions

 sbLibraryLoaderInfo ()
nsresult Init (const nsACString &aPrefKey)
nsresult SetDatabaseGUID (const nsAString &aGUID)
void GetDatabaseGUID (nsAString &_retval)
nsresult SetDatabaseLocation (nsILocalFile *aLocation)
already_AddRefed< nsILocalFile > GetDatabaseLocation ()
nsresult SetLoadAtStartup (PRBool aLoadAtStartup)
PRBool GetLoadAtStartup ()
nsresult SetResourceGUID (const nsAString &aGUID)
void GetResourceGUID (nsAString &_retval)
void GetPrefBranch (nsACString &_retval)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbLibraryLoaderInfo::sbLibraryLoaderInfo ( )

Definition at line 137 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.h.

Member Function Documentation

void sbLibraryLoaderInfo::GetDatabaseGUID ( nsAString &  _retval)

Definition at line 1063 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

already_AddRefed< nsILocalFile > sbLibraryLoaderInfo::GetDatabaseLocation ( )

Definition at line 1097 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

PRBool sbLibraryLoaderInfo::GetLoadAtStartup ( )

Definition at line 1125 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

void sbLibraryLoaderInfo::GetPrefBranch ( nsACString &  _retval)

Definition at line 1170 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

void sbLibraryLoaderInfo::GetResourceGUID ( nsAString &  _retval)

Definition at line 1155 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

nsresult sbLibraryLoaderInfo::Init ( const nsACString &  aPrefKey)

sbLibraryLoaderInfo implementation

Definition at line 1012 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

Here is the call graph for this function:

nsresult sbLibraryLoaderInfo::SetDatabaseGUID ( const nsAString &  aGUID)

Definition at line 1043 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

nsresult sbLibraryLoaderInfo::SetDatabaseLocation ( nsILocalFile *  aLocation)

Definition at line 1078 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

nsresult sbLibraryLoaderInfo::SetLoadAtStartup ( PRBool  aLoadAtStartup)

Definition at line 1116 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

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nsresult sbLibraryLoaderInfo::SetResourceGUID ( const nsAString &  aGUID)

Definition at line 1135 of file sbLocalDatabaseLibraryLoader.cpp.

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