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Public Member Functions

sbIMediaItemDownloader getDownloader (in sbIMediaItem aMediaItem, in sbILibrary aTargetLibrary)

Detailed Description

This interface provides services for downloading media items for a target library. By default the target library is the main library, but it may also be a device library. In the case of device libraries, the downloaded media item file may be selected to be compatible with the device. This interface also provides services for plugging in media item downloader components that can download media items from different sources (e.g., from HTTP, Amazon, eMusic). Note that these services do not add media items to the target library. They merely download the media item file.

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Member Function Documentation

sbIMediaItemDownloader sbIMediaItemDownloadService::getDownloader ( in sbIMediaItem  aMediaItem,
in sbILibrary  aTargetLibrary 

Return a media item downloader to download the media item specified by aMediaItem for the library specified by aTargetLibrary. If aTargetLibrary is not specified, download the media item for the main library.

aMediaItemMedia item to download.
aDeviceIf specified, device for which to download media item.
Media item downloader or null if no downloader is available to download the media item.

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