sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval.cpp File Reference
#include "sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval.h"
#include <nsAutoPtr.h>
#include <nsCOMPtr.h>
#include <nsServiceManagerUtils.h>
#include <nsIGenericFactory.h>
#include <sbIDevice.h>
#include <sbIDeviceEvent.h>
#include <sbIDeviceEventTarget.h>
#include <sbIDeviceManager.h>
#include <stdio.h>
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 NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS1 (sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval, nsIRunnable) sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval
 NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS1 (sbDeviceEventTesterRemovalHelper, sbIDeviceEventListener) sbDeviceEventTesterRemovalHelper

Function Documentation

NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS1 ( sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval  ,

Testing adding and removing listeners

Sequence diagram-like thing:

  • listener A set flag
  • listener B
  • listener C dispatch (A) - listener B
    • listener D (B has been removed) (C) - listener A set some flag dispatch (A has been removed) (B has been removed) (C) do nothing (flag set) (D) set some other flag (D is not called) dispatch (A has been removed) (B has been removed) (C does nothing) (D) check some other flag

Definition at line 70 of file sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval.cpp.

NS_IMPL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS1 ( sbDeviceEventTesterRemovalHelper  ,

Definition at line 199 of file sbDeviceEventTesterRemoval.cpp.