sbMediacoreEvent Class Reference

#include <sbMediacoreEvent.h>

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Public Member Functions

sbMediacoreEvent ()
nsresult Init (PRUint32 aType, sbIMediacoreError *aError, nsIVariant *aData, sbIMediacore *aOrigin)
nsresult SetTarget (sbIMediacoreEventTarget *aTarget)
void Dispatch ()
PRBool WasDispatched ()

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult CreateEvent (PRUint32 aType, sbIMediacoreError *aError, nsIVariant *aData, sbIMediacore *aOrigin, sbIMediacoreEvent **retval)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~sbMediacoreEvent ()

Protected Attributes

PRLock * mLock
PRUint32 mType
nsCOMPtr< sbIMediacoreErrormError
nsCOMPtr< nsIVariant > mData
nsCOMPtr< sbIMediacoremOrigin
nsCOMPtr< sbIMediacoreEventTargetmTarget
PRBool mDispatched

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbIMediacoreEvent
const unsigned long UNINTIALIZED = 0x00000000
const unsigned long METADATA_CHANGE = 0x00001000
 Metadata describing current item has changed. More...
const unsigned long URI_CHANGE = 0x00001001
 URI used for operation has changed. More...
const unsigned long DURATION_CHANGE = 0x00001002
 Current duration has changed. More...
const unsigned long VOLUME_CHANGE = 0x00001003
 Volume has changed. More...
const unsigned long MUTE_CHANGE = 0x00001004
 Mute status has changed. More...
const unsigned long BEFORE_TRACK_CHANGE = 0x00001500
 Before the track playing is changed. More...
const unsigned long TRACK_CHANGE = 0x00001501
 Track playing has changed. More...
const unsigned long TRACK_INDEX_CHANGE = 0x00001502
 Index in view of item currently playing has changed. More...
const unsigned long BEFORE_VIEW_CHANGE = 0x00001503
 Sequencer view is about to change. More...
const unsigned long VIEW_CHANGE = 0x00001504
 Sequencer view changed. More...
const unsigned long SEQUENCE_CHANGE = 0x00001505
 Sequence recalculated. More...
const unsigned long SEQUENCE_END = 0x00001507
 Sequence end. More...
const unsigned long EXPLICIT_TRACK_CHANGE = 0x00001508
 Explicit call to next or previous. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_FOUND = 0x00002000
 Stream found. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_HAS_VIDEO = 0x00002001
 Stream has video. More...
const unsigned long BUFFERING = 0x00003000
 Buffering. More...
const unsigned long BUFFER_UNDERRUN = 0x00003001
 Buffer underrun, operation is likely to halt. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_BEFORE_START = 0x00004000
 Stream is about to start. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_START = 0x00004001
 Stream has started. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_BEFORE_PAUSE = 0x00004002
 Stream is about to pause. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_PAUSE = 0x00004003
 Stream is now paused. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_END = 0x00004004
 End of stream. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_BEFORE_STOP = 0x00004005
 Stream is about to stop. More...
const unsigned long STREAM_STOP = 0x00004006
 Stream was stopped. More...
const unsigned long EXPLICIT_STOP = 0x00004007
 Explicit call to stop the playback. More...
const unsigned long SEEKED = 0x00001005
 Playback has progressed in an unusual way. More...
const unsigned long VIDEO_SIZE_CHANGED = 0x00005000
 Video size has changed. More...
const unsigned long PLUGIN_MISSING = 0x00008000
 Plugin missing for requested format. More...
const unsigned long CUSTOM_EVENT_BASE = 0x40000000
 Custom event base value. More...
const unsigned long ERROR_EVENT = 0x80000000
 Indicates the event is an error and will have its error member set. More...
readonly attribute unsigned long type
 The event type. More...
readonly attribute
 Error member is only set when type of event is set to ERROR. More...
readonly attribute nsIVariant data
 The event data. Payload varies per event type. More...
readonly attribute sbIMediacore origin
 Mediacore that generated the event. More...
readonly attribute
 Event Target that dispatched the event. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


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sbMediacoreEvent::~sbMediacoreEvent ( )

Definition at line 65 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbMediacoreEvent::CreateEvent ( PRUint32  aType,
sbIMediacoreError aError,
nsIVariant *  aData,
sbIMediacore aOrigin,
sbIMediacoreEvent **  retval 

Used to create an instance of a mediacore event with an error

Definition at line 193 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

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void sbMediacoreEvent::Dispatch ( )

Definition at line 110 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

nsresult sbMediacoreEvent::Init ( PRUint32  aType,
sbIMediacoreError aError,
nsIVariant *  aData,
sbIMediacore aOrigin 

Definition at line 77 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

nsresult sbMediacoreEvent::SetTarget ( sbIMediacoreEventTarget aTarget)

Definition at line 96 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

PRBool sbMediacoreEvent::WasDispatched ( )

Definition at line 119 of file sbMediacoreEvent.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

nsCOMPtr<nsIVariant> sbMediacoreEvent::mData

Definition at line 80 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

PRBool sbMediacoreEvent::mDispatched

Definition at line 85 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

nsCOMPtr<sbIMediacoreError> sbMediacoreEvent::mError

Definition at line 79 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

PRLock* sbMediacoreEvent::mLock

Definition at line 76 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

nsCOMPtr<sbIMediacore> sbMediacoreEvent::mOrigin

Definition at line 82 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

nsCOMPtr<sbIMediacoreEventTarget> sbMediacoreEvent::mTarget

Definition at line 83 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

PRUint32 sbMediacoreEvent::mType

Definition at line 77 of file sbMediacoreEvent.h.

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