SBAppleRemoteListener Class Reference

#import <SBAppleRemoteListener.h>

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Instance Methods

(id- initWithDelegate:
(void) - startListening
(void) - stopListening
(BOOL) - IsListening
(void) - setDelegate:

Class Methods

(BOOL) + isRemoteAvailable

Protected Attributes

IOHIDDeviceInterface ** mDeviceInterface
IOHIDQueueInterface ** mQueueInterface
CFRunLoopSourceRef mEventSource
NSArray * mCookies
id mDelegate
BOOL mIsListening
EAppleRemoteButton mPendingHoldButton

Detailed Description

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Method Documentation

- (id) initWithDelegate: (id aDelegate

Definition at line 120 of file

- (BOOL) IsListening

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+ (BOOL) isRemoteAvailable

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- (void) setDelegate: (id aDelegate

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- (void) startListening

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- (void) stopListening

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Member Data Documentation

- (NSArray*) mCookies

Definition at line 73 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (id) mDelegate

Definition at line 74 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (IOHIDDeviceInterface**) mDeviceInterface

Definition at line 70 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (CFRunLoopSourceRef) mEventSource

Definition at line 72 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (BOOL) mIsListening

Definition at line 75 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (EAppleRemoteButton) mPendingHoldButton

Definition at line 76 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

- (IOHIDQueueInterface**) mQueueInterface

Definition at line 71 of file SBAppleRemoteListener.h.

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