sbPISongkickDBService Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void reloadLocationInfo ()
nsIArray getLocationStates (in AString aCountry)
nsIArray getLocationCities (in AString aState)
void startAristConcertLookup (in boolean aFilter, in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback aCallback)
void startConcertLookup (in AString aSort, in boolean aFilter, in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback aCallback)
void startConcertCountLookup (in boolean aFilter, in boolean aGroupByArtist, in AString aDateProperty, in AString aCeilingProperty, in sbISongkickConcertCountCallback aCallback)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean hasLocationInfo
readonly attribute nsIArray locationCountries

Detailed Description

Definition at line 118 of file ISongkick.idl.

Member Function Documentation

nsIArray sbPISongkickDBService::getLocationCities ( in AString  aState)
nsIArray sbPISongkickDBService::getLocationStates ( in AString  aCountry)
void sbPISongkickDBService::reloadLocationInfo ( )
void sbPISongkickDBService::startAristConcertLookup ( in boolean  aFilter,
in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback  aCallback 
void sbPISongkickDBService::startConcertCountLookup ( in boolean  aFilter,
in boolean  aGroupByArtist,
in AString  aDateProperty,
in AString  aCeilingProperty,
in sbISongkickConcertCountCallback  aCallback 
void sbPISongkickDBService::startConcertLookup ( in AString  aSort,
in boolean  aFilter,
in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback  aCallback 

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute boolean sbPISongkickDBService::hasLocationInfo

Definition at line 120 of file ISongkick.idl.

readonly attribute nsIArray sbPISongkickDBService::locationCountries

Definition at line 122 of file ISongkick.idl.

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