sbDeviceStatusHelper.h File Reference

Songbird Device Status Services Definitions. More...

#include "sbBaseDevice.h"
#include <sbIDeviceStatus.h>
#include <sbMemoryUtils.h>
#include <nsCOMPtr.h>
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class  sbDeviceStatusHelper
class  sbDeviceStatusAutoOperationComplete


 SB_AUTO_CLASS2 (sbDeviceStatusAutoState, sbDeviceStatusHelper *, PRUint32,(mValue!=nsnull), mValue->ChangeState(mValue2), mValue=nsnull)

Detailed Description

Songbird Device Status Services Definitions.

Definition in file sbDeviceStatusHelper.h.

Function Documentation

SB_AUTO_CLASS2 ( sbDeviceStatusAutoState  ,
sbDeviceStatusHelper ,
PRUint32  ,
(mValue!=nsnull)  ,
mValue->  ChangeStatemValue2,
mValue  = nsnull 

These classes complete the current operation or item when going out of scope. The auto-completion may be prevented by calling the forget method.

sbDeviceStatusAutoState Wrapper to auto set the state to a specified value.