sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite Class Reference

#include <sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite.h>

Public Member Functions

 sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite (sbBaseDevice *aDevice, sbIDeviceLibrary *aDevLibrary, sbILibraryChangeset *aChangeset)
 ~sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite ()
nsresult EnsureSpace ()

Detailed Description

This is a helper class that looks at the changeset and determines how many items will fit in the free space of the device. The changeset passed to the constructor is modified, removing changes that dont fit.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite::sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite ( sbBaseDevice aDevice,
sbIDeviceLibrary aDevLibrary,
sbILibraryChangeset aChangeset 

Initializes the object with the device and changeset to be analyzed

aDeviceThe device the changeset belongs to
aDevLibraryThe device's library
aChangesetThe changeset that we're checking for available space

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sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite::~sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite ( )

Cleanup data

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Member Function Documentation

nsresult sbDeviceEnsureSpaceForWrite::EnsureSpace ( )

Ensures there's enough space for items in the changeset and removes any items that don't fit.

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