sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void setAudioType (in AString aAudioType)
void setBitRate (in long aBitRate)
void setSampleRate (in long aSampleRate)
void setChannels (in long aChannels)
void setProperties (in nsIPropertyBag aProperties)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbIMediaFormatAudio
readonly attribute AString audioType
readonly attribute long bitRate
readonly attribute long sampleRate
readonly attribute long channels
readonly attribute nsIPropertyBag properties

Detailed Description

This is a mutable version of sbIMediaFormatAudio

See Also

Definition at line 98 of file sbIMediaFormatMutable.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable::setAudioType ( in AString  aAudioType)

This is the audio format type name

void sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable::setBitRate ( in long  aBitRate)

this is the bit rate of the audio format in bits per second

void sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable::setChannels ( in long  aChannels)

This is the number of channels contained by the audio format

void sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable::setProperties ( in nsIPropertyBag  aProperties)

Additional properties of the audio format

void sbIMediaFormatAudioMutable::setSampleRate ( in long  aSampleRate)

this is the sample rate of the audio format

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