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Public Member Functions

void startRefreshThread ()
boolean refreshConcerts (in boolean async, in long cityID)
void processConcerts (in boolean async, in long cityID, in string xmlData)
void refreshLocations ()
void processLocations (in string xmlData)
boolean gotLocationInfo ()
string getArtistOnTourUrl (in string artistName)
boolean hasDisplayCallback ()
boolean registerDisplayCallback (in sbISongkickDisplayCallback callback)
void unregisterDisplayCallback ()
boolean registerSPSUpdater (in sbISongkickDisplayCallback callback)
void unregisterSPSUpdater ()
AUTF8String getLocationCountries ()
AUTF8String getLocationStates (in long countryID)
AUTF8String getLocationCities (in long stateID)
AUTF8String getCityString (in long cityID)
AUTF8String getLocationString (in long countryID, in long stateID, in long cityID)
long getConcertCount (in boolean filterLibraryArtists, in sbISongkickConcertCountCallback aCallback)
boolean getTourStatus (in string artistName)
string providerURL ()
nsISimpleEnumerator concertEnumerator (in string sort, in boolean filterLibraryArtists, in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback aCallback)
nsISimpleEnumerator artistConcertEnumerator (in boolean filterLibraryArtists, in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback aCallback)

Public Attributes

attribute boolean concertRefreshRunning
attribute boolean drawingLock
readonly attribute string onTourImgProperty
readonly attribute string onTourUrlProperty
readonly attribute string progressString
readonly attribute long progressPercentage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file ISongkick.idl.

Member Function Documentation

nsISimpleEnumerator sbISongkick::artistConcertEnumerator ( in boolean  filterLibraryArtists,
in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback  aCallback 
nsISimpleEnumerator sbISongkick::concertEnumerator ( in string  sort,
in boolean  filterLibraryArtists,
in sbISongkickEnumeratorCallback  aCallback 
string sbISongkick::getArtistOnTourUrl ( in string  artistName)
AUTF8String sbISongkick::getCityString ( in long  cityID)
long sbISongkick::getConcertCount ( in boolean  filterLibraryArtists,
in sbISongkickConcertCountCallback  aCallback 
AUTF8String sbISongkick::getLocationCities ( in long  stateID)
AUTF8String sbISongkick::getLocationCountries ( )
AUTF8String sbISongkick::getLocationStates ( in long  countryID)
AUTF8String sbISongkick::getLocationString ( in long  countryID,
in long  stateID,
in long  cityID 
boolean sbISongkick::getTourStatus ( in string  artistName)
boolean sbISongkick::gotLocationInfo ( )
boolean sbISongkick::hasDisplayCallback ( )
void sbISongkick::processConcerts ( in boolean  async,
in long  cityID,
in string  xmlData 
void sbISongkick::processLocations ( in string  xmlData)
string sbISongkick::providerURL ( )
boolean sbISongkick::refreshConcerts ( in boolean  async,
in long  cityID 
void sbISongkick::refreshLocations ( )
boolean sbISongkick::registerDisplayCallback ( in sbISongkickDisplayCallback  callback)
boolean sbISongkick::registerSPSUpdater ( in sbISongkickDisplayCallback  callback)
void sbISongkick::startRefreshThread ( )
void sbISongkick::unregisterDisplayCallback ( )
void sbISongkick::unregisterSPSUpdater ( )

Member Data Documentation

attribute boolean sbISongkick::concertRefreshRunning

Definition at line 12 of file ISongkick.idl.

attribute boolean sbISongkick::drawingLock

Definition at line 13 of file ISongkick.idl.

readonly attribute string sbISongkick::onTourImgProperty

Definition at line 15 of file ISongkick.idl.

readonly attribute string sbISongkick::onTourUrlProperty

Definition at line 16 of file ISongkick.idl.

readonly attribute long sbISongkick::progressPercentage

Definition at line 18 of file ISongkick.idl.

readonly attribute string sbISongkick::progressString

Definition at line 17 of file ISongkick.idl.

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