sbIFileSystemWatcher Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void init (in sbIFileSystemListener aListener, in AString aRootPath, in boolean aIsRecursive)
void initWithSession (in ACString aSessionGuid, in sbIFileSystemListener aListener)
void startWatching ()
void stopWatching (in boolean aShouldSaveSession)
void deleteSession (in ACString aSessionGuid)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute boolean isWatching
readonly attribute AString watchPath
readonly attribute ACString sessionGuid
readonly attribute boolean isSupported

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file sbIFileSystemWatcher.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIFileSystemWatcher::deleteSession ( in ACString  aSessionGuid)
void sbIFileSystemWatcher::init ( in sbIFileSystemListener  aListener,
in AString  aRootPath,
in boolean  aIsRecursive 
void sbIFileSystemWatcher::initWithSession ( in ACString  aSessionGuid,
in sbIFileSystemListener  aListener 
void sbIFileSystemWatcher::startWatching ( )
void sbIFileSystemWatcher::stopWatching ( in boolean  aShouldSaveSession)

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute boolean sbIFileSystemWatcher::isSupported

Definition at line 108 of file sbIFileSystemWatcher.idl.

readonly attribute boolean sbIFileSystemWatcher::isWatching

Definition at line 90 of file sbIFileSystemWatcher.idl.

readonly attribute ACString sbIFileSystemWatcher::sessionGuid

Definition at line 102 of file sbIFileSystemWatcher.idl.

readonly attribute AString sbIFileSystemWatcher::watchPath

Definition at line 95 of file sbIFileSystemWatcher.idl.

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