sbIMockCDTOC Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void addTocEntry (in long frameOffset, in PRTime length, in long trackNumber, in short aTrackMode)
void initialize (in long firstTrackIndex, in long lastTrackIndex, in long leadOutTrackOffset)

Detailed Description

The Mock TOC interface to setup the TOC object

Definition at line 41 of file sbIMockCDDevice.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIMockCDTOC::addTocEntry ( in long  frameOffset,
in PRTime  length,
in long  trackNumber,
in short  aTrackMode 

Adds a TOC Entry to the TOC

frameOffsetthe frame offset, what else?
lengthLength of the track, probably in seconds see sbICDTOC
trackNumber1 based index
aTrackModeThe track mode of the entry.
void sbIMockCDTOC::initialize ( in long  firstTrackIndex,
in long  lastTrackIndex,
in long  leadOutTrackOffset 

initializes the TOC

firstTrackIndexthe index of the first track
lastTrackIndexthe index of the last track
leadOutTrackOffsetsome kind of offset

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