sbIGStreamerInspectHandler Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

void beginInspect ()
void endInspect ()
void beginPluginInfo (in ACString aName, in ACString aDescription, in ACString aFilename, in ACString aVersion, in ACString aLicense, in ACString aSource, in ACString aPackage, in ACString aOrigin)
void endPluginInfo ()
void beginFactoryInfo (in ACString aShortName, in ACString aLongName, in ACString aClass, in ACString aDescription, in ACString aAuthor, in ACString aRankName, in long aRank)
void endFactoryInfo ()
void beginPadTemplateInfo (in ACString aName, in unsigned long aDirection, in unsigned long aPresence, in ACString aCodecDescription)
void endPadTemplateInfo ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file sbIGStreamerService.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::beginFactoryInfo ( in ACString  aShortName,
in ACString  aLongName,
in ACString  aClass,
in ACString  aDescription,
in ACString  aAuthor,
in ACString  aRankName,
in long  aRank 
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::beginInspect ( )
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::beginPadTemplateInfo ( in ACString  aName,
in unsigned long  aDirection,
in unsigned long  aPresence,
in ACString  aCodecDescription 
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::beginPluginInfo ( in ACString  aName,
in ACString  aDescription,
in ACString  aFilename,
in ACString  aVersion,
in ACString  aLicense,
in ACString  aSource,
in ACString  aPackage,
in ACString  aOrigin 
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::endFactoryInfo ( )
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::endInspect ( )
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::endPadTemplateInfo ( )
void sbIGStreamerInspectHandler::endPluginInfo ( )

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