deviceSupport.js File Reference

Javascript source for device support. More...

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Cu import ("resource://app/jsmodules/ArrayConverter.jsm")
sbDeviceVolumeSupport initialize ()
function DeviceTranscodeSupport ()


var Cc = Components.classes
var Ci = Components.interfaces
var Cr = Components.results
var Cu = Components.utils
var sbDeviceVolumeSupport

Detailed Description

Javascript source for device support.

Definition in file deviceSupport.js.

Function Documentation

function DeviceTranscodeSupport ( )

Definition at line 591 of file deviceSupport.js.

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Cu import ( "resource://app/jsmodules/ArrayConverter.jsm"  )
sbDeviceVolumeSupport initialize ( )

Variable Documentation

var Cc = Components.classes

Definition at line 49 of file deviceSupport.js.

Definition at line 50 of file deviceSupport.js.

var Cr = Components.results

Definition at line 51 of file deviceSupport.js.

var Cu = Components.utils

Definition at line 52 of file deviceSupport.js.

var sbDeviceVolumeSupport

Definition at line 68 of file deviceSupport.js.