sbICDDeviceService Interface Reference


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Public Member Functions

sbICDDevice getDevice (in long deviceIndex)
sbICDDevice getDeviceFromIdentifier (in ACString aDeviceIdentifier)
nsISimpleEnumerator getCDDevices ()
void registerListener (in sbICDDeviceListener listener)
void removeListener (in sbICDDeviceListener listener)

Public Attributes

readonly attribute long weight
readonly attribute long nbDevices

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

nsISimpleEnumerator sbICDDeviceService::getCDDevices ( )
sbICDDevice sbICDDeviceService::getDevice ( in long  deviceIndex)
sbICDDevice sbICDDeviceService::getDeviceFromIdentifier ( in ACString  aDeviceIdentifier)
void sbICDDeviceService::registerListener ( in sbICDDeviceListener  listener)
void sbICDDeviceService::removeListener ( in sbICDDeviceListener  listener)

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute long sbICDDeviceService::nbDevices

Definition at line 80 of file sbICDDeviceService.idl.

readonly attribute long sbICDDeviceService::weight

Definition at line 75 of file sbICDDeviceService.idl.

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