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Public Member Functions

void init (in string aName)
void setMatch (in string match)
long end ()
void prepareMethodCall (in string dest, in string path, in string inter, in string name)
void sendMethodCall ()
void prepareSignal (in string path, in string inter, in string name)
void sendSignal ()
void setMethodHandler (in ngIMethodHandler handler)
PRInt64 getInt64Arg ()
boolean getBoolArg ()
string getStringArg ()
string getObjectPathArg ()
double getDoubleArg ()
nsIArray getArrayArg ()
void setUInt32Arg (in unsigned long val)
void setInt32Arg (in long val)
void setUInt16Arg (in unsigned short val)
void setStringArg (in AString val)
void setDictSSEntryArg (in string key, in AString val)
void setDictSOEntryArg (in string key, in AString val)
void setDictSIEntryArg (in string key, in unsigned long val)
void setDictSI64EntryArg (in string key, in PRInt64 val)
void setDictSBEntryArg (in string key, in boolean val)
void setDictSDEntryArg (in string key, in double val)
void openDictSAEntryArg (in string key, [optional] in short aType)
void closeDictSAEntryArg ()
void openDictSDEntryArg (in string key)
void closeDictSDEntryArg ()
void setBoolArg (in boolean val)
void setDoubleArg (in double val)
void setArrayStringArg (in AString val)
void setInt64Arg (in PRInt64 val)
void setObjectPathArg (in string val)
void openDictEntryArray ()
void closeDictEntryArray ()
void openArray ([optional] in short aType)
void closeArray ()
void openStruct ()
void closeStruct ()

Public Attributes

const unsigned short TYPE_STRING = 0
const unsigned short TYPE_OBJECT_PATH = 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file ngIMpris.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void ngIDBusConnection::closeArray ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::closeDictEntryArray ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::closeDictSAEntryArg ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::closeDictSDEntryArg ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::closeStruct ( )
long ngIDBusConnection::end ( )
nsIArray ngIDBusConnection::getArrayArg ( )
boolean ngIDBusConnection::getBoolArg ( )
double ngIDBusConnection::getDoubleArg ( )
PRInt64 ngIDBusConnection::getInt64Arg ( )
string ngIDBusConnection::getObjectPathArg ( )
string ngIDBusConnection::getStringArg ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::init ( in string  aName)
void ngIDBusConnection::openArray ( [optional] in short  aType)
void ngIDBusConnection::openDictEntryArray ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::openDictSAEntryArg ( in string  key,
[optional] in short  aType 
void ngIDBusConnection::openDictSDEntryArg ( in string  key)
void ngIDBusConnection::openStruct ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::prepareMethodCall ( in string  dest,
in string  path,
in string  inter,
in string  name 
void ngIDBusConnection::prepareSignal ( in string  path,
in string  inter,
in string  name 
void ngIDBusConnection::sendMethodCall ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::sendSignal ( )
void ngIDBusConnection::setArrayStringArg ( in AString  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setBoolArg ( in boolean  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSBEntryArg ( in string  key,
in boolean  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSDEntryArg ( in string  key,
in double  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSI64EntryArg ( in string  key,
in PRInt64  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSIEntryArg ( in string  key,
in unsigned long  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSOEntryArg ( in string  key,
in AString  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDictSSEntryArg ( in string  key,
in AString  val 
void ngIDBusConnection::setDoubleArg ( in double  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setInt32Arg ( in long  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setInt64Arg ( in PRInt64  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setMatch ( in string  match)
void ngIDBusConnection::setMethodHandler ( in ngIMethodHandler  handler)
void ngIDBusConnection::setObjectPathArg ( in string  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setStringArg ( in AString  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setUInt16Arg ( in unsigned short  val)
void ngIDBusConnection::setUInt32Arg ( in unsigned long  val)

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned short ngIDBusConnection::TYPE_OBJECT_PATH = 1

Definition at line 56 of file ngIMpris.idl.

const unsigned short ngIDBusConnection::TYPE_STRING = 0

Definition at line 55 of file ngIMpris.idl.

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