ngEqualizerPresetProviderManager Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager
void registerPresetProvider (in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider aNewProvider)
 Add a ngIEqualizerPresetProvider to the collection. More...
void unregisterPresetProvider (in ngIEqualizerPresetProvider aProvider)
 Remove an ngIEqualizerPresetProvider from the list. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ngIEqualizerPresetCollection
ngIEqualizerPreset getPresetByName (in AString aName)
 Returns the preset in the collection with the given name. More...
PRBool hasPresetNamed (in AString aName)
 Returns wether the collection contains a preset with this name. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ngIEqualizerPresetProviderManager
readonly attribute nsIArray providers
 Array of ngIEqualizerPresetProvider elements. More...
readonly attribute nsIArray presets
 Array containing all presets. More...

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