PlayQueueUtils.jsm File Reference

Javascript utilities for the play queue. More...

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Cu import ("resource://app/jsmodules/sbLibraryUtils.jsm")


 EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = [ "PlayQueueUtils" ]
const Cc = Components.classes
const Ci = Components.interfaces
const Cu = Components.utils
var PlayQueueUtils

Detailed Description

Javascript utilities for the play queue.

Definition in file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.

Function Documentation

Cu import ( "resource://app/jsmodules/sbLibraryUtils.jsm"  )

Variable Documentation

const Cc = Components.classes

Definition at line 32 of file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.

Definition at line 33 of file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.

const Cu = Components.utils

Definition at line 34 of file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.

EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = [ "PlayQueueUtils" ]

Definition at line 30 of file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.

var PlayQueueUtils
Initial value:
= {
openPlayQueue: function PlayQueueUtils_openPlayQueue() {
var paneMgr = Cc[";1"]
var contentInfo = Cc[";1"]
play: function PlayQueueUtils_play(aIndex ) {
if (typeof(aIndex) == "undefined")
var playQueueService = Cc[";1"]
aIndex = playQueueService.index;
var sequencer = Cc[";1"]
sequencer.playView(PlayQueueUtils.view, aIndex, true);
XPCOMUtils.defineLazyGetter(PlayQueueUtils, "view", function() {
var playQueueService = Cc[";1"]
return LibraryUtils.createStandardMediaListView(playQueueService.mediaList);
const Ci
var paneMgr
Javascript wrappers for common library tasks.
const Cc
var PlayQueueUtils

Definition at line 39 of file PlayQueueUtils.jsm.