sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSetArrayListener Class Reference

#include <sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet.h>

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Public Member Functions

Init (sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet *aCascadeFilterSet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 sbSupportsWeakReference ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbILocalDatabaseAsyncGUIDArrayListener
void onGetLength (in unsigned long aLength, in nsresult aResult)
void onGetGuidByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex, in AString aGUID, in nsresult aResult)
void onGetSortPropertyValueByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex, in AString aPropertySortValue, in nsresult aResult)
void onGetMediaItemIdByIndex (in unsigned long aIndex, in unsigned long aMediaItemId, in nsresult aResult)
void onStateChange (in unsigned long aState)


class sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sbILocalDatabaseAsyncGUIDArrayListener
const unsigned long STATE_BUSY = 0x00000001
const unsigned long STATE_IDLE = 0x00000002
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbSupportsWeakReference
 ~sbSupportsWeakReference ()
void ClearWeakReferences ()
PRBool HasWeakReferences () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 162 of file sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet.h.

Member Function Documentation

NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS NS_DECL_SBILOCALDATABASEASYNCGUIDARRAYLISTENER nsresult sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSetArrayListener::Init ( sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet aCascadeFilterSet)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet

Definition at line 166 of file sbLocalDatabaseCascadeFilterSet.h.

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