sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObj< O, F, T > Class Template Reference

#include <sbDOMEventListenerCallback.h>

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Public Member Functions

NS_DECL_NSIDOMEVENTLISTENER sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObj (O *aObject, F aFunc, T aContext)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObjBase
virtual ~sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObjBase ()

Detailed Description

template<class O, class F, class T>
class sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObj< O, F, T >

This class is used to dispatch dom events to a C++ class method To use this the template function sbDOMEventListenerCallback is the entry point usage: nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMEventListener> listener = sbDOMEventListener(this, &class::method, arg);

The method takes the following parameters: The nsIDOMEventListener pointer of the listener dispatching the event The context object passed to the sbDOMEventListenerCallback The nsIDOMEvent object of the DOM event

Definition at line 63 of file sbDOMEventListenerCallback.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class O , class F , class T >
sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObj< O, F, T >::sbDOMEventListenerCallbackObj ( O *  aObject,
F  aFunc,

Definition at line 77 of file sbDOMEventListenerCallback.h.

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