sbMediaListDuplicateFilter Class Reference

#include <sbMediaListDuplicateFilter.h>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIMediaListDuplicateFilter
void initialize (in nsISimpleEnumerator aSource, in sbIMediaList aDestination, in boolean aRemoveDuplicates)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sbIMediaListEnumerationListener
unsigned short onEnumerationBegin (in sbIMediaList aMediaList)
 Called when enumeration is about to begin. More...
unsigned short onEnumeratedItem (in sbIMediaList aMediaList, in sbIMediaItem aMediaItem)
 Called once for each item in the enumeration. More...
void onEnumerationEnd (in sbIMediaList aMediaList, in nsresult aStatusCode)
 Called when enumeration has completed. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from sbIMediaListDuplicateFilter
readonly attribute PRUint32 totalItems
readonly attribute PRUint32 duplicateItems
- Public Attributes inherited from sbIMediaListEnumerationListener
const unsigned short CONTINUE = 0
const unsigned short CANCEL = 1

Detailed Description

This class is an enumerator that filters out duplicates. Initialize it with a source and destination then enumerate and the class will enumerate over the source, minus the duplicates if indicated. It keeps track of the duplicates and total item counts as well

Definition at line 53 of file sbMediaListDuplicateFilter.h.

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